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Paper Organizing Packages

What is FreedomFiler®?

The FreedomFiler® Filing System* is the only self-purging filing system available today. Once you begin using FreedomFiler® you will never again have to take time out of your life for cleaning out or reorganizing files!

Premium Freedom Package


With OMC's Full Freedom Package, a consulltant from OMC will bring a FreedomFiler® Ready-Made System directly to your home and provide up to 4 hours of hands-on one-on-one FF® training, set-up, and customization to meet your filing needs.

Freedom Training Package


With OMC's Partial Freedom Package, you may already own a FreedomFiler® system, or, you can purchase it here.  Once received, you can opt for a one-on-one service from a FreedomFiler® Organizing Consultant for the hours needed to help set up and customize it to your needs, provide hands-on training, and complete the initial filing of all your papers. (Average session is 4 hours.)

Group Freedom Training

$65.00 Per Person
+ $135 Per Ready Made System (if needed.)

With OMC's Group Freedom Package, you can save some money by signing up for a training class with other FreedomFiler® users. If interested, please call Becky directly at (217) 519-1919 to see when the next class is scheduled. Classes are scheduled based on current demand. Class location is usually in Clinton, IL, but can also vary based on demand.