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Crafty Basement

Here is a client who loves stamping, scrapbooking, and sewing, painting . . . you name it! Three years ago when she and her family moved into their new home, all of her crafts as well as many other belongings were taken to the basement at random with no order. After struggling to find all her tools and supplies, then giving up and buying several duplicates, she kept adding to the piles not knowing where or how to begin organizing any of it. She is also an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up!® who was tired of holding gatherings in her dining room. She longed for a dedicated space to work on all her crafts and hold regular gatherings.

With this in mind, we sorted and purged. Then we painted walls and designed a floor plan to create zones for each activity. We installed lots of shelving and a work counter, found a new desk and storage cabinets, repurposed existing furniture and organizational tools. We added peg boards for tools and supplies, and another to display products and sample projects. We even gave her clients a place to hang their coats. Then we organized all her tools, supplies, paper, stamps, ribbons, embellishments, paints, business files, products, and even projects.

When it was finally complete, she held an open house for all her clients to see. Now she is overjoyed about working in her basement craft room, and even more so because everything has a home, making it easy to find everything, and just as easy to keep neat and clutter free



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