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Discounts & Additional Costs

Discounts & Additional Costs


10% off Hourly Rates OR 5% off Package Prices are available for the following persons:

• Seniors aged 65 and older.

• Realtors

• Military Personnel and Veterans

*Professional Referrals* - This program gives these discounts to New Clients (of any age) Referred by Professionals in the mental health and physical health industries, along with estate lawyers, guardians, trustees, funeral directors, social services, and government emergency officials.

Payment Policy

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Payment is due at the end of each session. Unless you previously purchased a package or services are being paid by a third party, our work is invoiced at the end of each daily session and payment is expected at that time.

NSF checks are assessed a $25 returned check fee.

Cancellation Policy

Weather-related cancellations will follow the decision of local school districts at no charge.

Cancellations made between 1 and 12 hours prior to the appointment will be assessed a $75.00 fee.

Cancellations made under 1 hour prior to the appointment or missed appointments (“no-shows”) will be assessed a “non-notification” fee of $150.00 plus any travel/mileage fees.

Your cost of organizing supplies, product purchases, or outside services, are extra at no additional mark-up to you. A shopping fee may or may not be charged based on the time and travel requirements. In the event an outside service is hired for specialized construction, repairs, installations, dumpster rentals, etc., we respectfully request the client pay them directly, rather than through us.

Most jobs require boxes or bins to sort items into categories. If you do not already have these we can provide easy to assemble bankers boxes for $2.00 each. These boxes are suitable for long-term storage in climate controlled areas. We also provide 3 MIL contractor trash bags to use for trash and soft donations. If an excessive number of bags are used we will charge $1.00 each. Other donations are best contained in salvaged boxes that you may or may not already have on hand.

Additional Organizers

Occasionally, decluttering jobs are simply too big for just the client and our professional organizers to handle. In these cases, we may contract additional help, usually from local young adults or through a temp service. Each additional helper will cost $20 per hour. In the long run, having the additional helpers will save the client money, because they will dramatically cut down our time by assisting in the physical needs of the job, producing much faster results.

A Word About Our Rates

Organize My Clutter (OMC) is pleased to provide you with professional organizing services. We strive to represent your interests efficiently and professionally and to ensure that you receive effective organizing services at the most reasonable cost possible. Our rates and fees are based on basic business necessities to maintain our growing company and are subject to change without notice.

Nationwide, Professional Organizers are known to charge anywhere between $50 and $200 or more per hour, per Organizer. Our rates have been set based on many factors to be fair both to our business, and to our market area who may not be familiar with this fairly new yet fast-growing industry. As with any business, we have business related expenses including advertising, training, insurance, travel, payroll, taxes, supplies, and others.

Because you have chosen to expose your personal belongings and challenges to us, we take it very seriously. We do not judge and are here to help, not just provide a temporary fix. Each organizer on our team either follows or has individually paid memberships to ICD, NAPO, and other organizations, through whom we take classes and attend conferences to keep up on the organizing industry and receive on-going education. We take pride in that we continue our education in this wide and comprehensive industry. Each of our organizers strive toward specialized certifications, receiving invaluable knowledge so that we may serve you and your needs in the best possible manner.

Regardless of business expenses, we are providing a service that you will receive many long-term benefits from. In many ways our services can be considered a therapeutic life-coaching experience. We will assist you in the physical aspects such as sorting and purging, and coach you through the mental and sometimes emotional decision-making process, helping you analyze and re-think your organizing habits in both your home and in your life. All matters are kept completely confidential and will not be shared without your written consent. We will help you throughout, however necessary, and work with you in a way that will at the very least inspire you to take what you have learned onto other areas in your home and life well beyond our working relationship.