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Rates & Pricing

Rates & Pricing

We don't clean houses, we change lives

Decluttering and organizing homes can be a difficult and emotional process to many clients, and letting strangers go through your things requires a great deal of trust and confidentiality. Hiring a professional organizer should be considered an important personal investment.  Not every professional organizer trained by the organizing industry's top experts, but we are, and we take it very seriously. Because we often work with both able-bodied and able-challenged clients, with minor disorganization to major hoarding, our organizers are absolutely non-judgmental, and are vetted with all of this in mind. We can help with ADD/ADHD, aging seniors both with and without numerous ailments, people who are grieving and often still in mourning, hoarders, and many other client types.

Even with all this in mind, our pricing is still equal to or lower than other professional organizers in the central Illinois area. Nationwide you will find professional organizers charging as much as $150 per hour per organizer. On average, our work is around $50 per hour per organizer and as low as $45 with bulk packaging. And discounts are available for seniors, military, realtors, professional referrals, and social service agencies.

We also believe that having 2 organizers is much more efficient and productive than 1, and is always a better experience for the client. While one of us can concentrate solely on you and your needs, the second can keep things moving. The bigger the package, the bigger your savings, and special discounts still apply.  However, not every client can work with more than one organizer, and we can accommodate your needs as you see fit.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Anonymous 

PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to give estimates.  Every project generally has too many variables in order to give an accurate estimate. The time it will take to finish depends on many things, such as the overall amount of clutter, the amount of open space available for sorting and staging, your personal attachment to various items, and your personal ability to make quick decisions.

Organizer Package Pricing


An additional 5% Discount on Package Prices or 10% Discount on Hourly Rates, is available to seniors aged 65 and older, Realtors, Military Personnel and Veterans, and Professional Referrals! See DISCOUNTS for more detail.

Packages must be used up within 30 days beginning the day of the first scheduled session.

Payment for packages is expected at the time of scheduling with credit card by phone, or at the beginning of the first session with cash or check.

Packages are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Additional Costs

The following items are not included in our prices:
Travel Fees
Organizing Products
Outside Services

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Interested in learning about organization, decluttering, or becoming a personal organizer? We do Guest Speaking, Educational Seminars and Community Classes!

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More on why we are unable to give estimates

We simply cannot know for certain what we will be getting into, until we get into it. For this reason, we recommend beginning with 2 organizers for a minimum 4 hrs to help determine the need for future sessions. ($90 x 4hrs = $360.) Two or more organizers will create greater impact, however, not every client is emotionally able to work with more than one or two organizers at a time, and not every project needs more than one or two organizers. After the first session, we will have a much better idea as to how future sessions will go, and how many sessions may be necessary to finish your projects. Remember, as we work together, we will coach and train you how to sort, purge, and organize in a way that will benefit you for a lifetime.

There is a 4 hour minimum requirement per session for anything over 30 miles, although exceptions are made within reason. Typically, sessions can range anywhere from 4 to 8 hours in length. Although we will handle most or all of the physical work, you will find that going through your things can be mentally exhausting as well. We often begin our sessions mid-morning or right after lunch time, so everyone can take a re-energizing break after the first couple of hours or so. If you prefer starting your day earlier, we are happy to oblige.