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An INHERITANCE becomes a LEGACY with Function!

Before After

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Crafty Basement

Here is a client who loves stamping, scrapbooking, and sewing, painting . . . you name it! Three years ago when she and her family moved into their new home, all of her crafts as well as many other belongings were taken to the basement at random with no order. After struggling to find all… Continue Reading

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Full Basement with Play & Storage Areas

This client had a basement without order. The Mom was tired of continuously moving items around but getting nowhere. There was no proper storage for holiday décor, hunting gear, and other long term storage. With two young boys and their toys and no proper place for homework, the Dad and his prized trophies, and nowhere… Continue Reading

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Paper Organization for Home Office

This client also runs a business out of her home. Her issue is paper, reference catalogs, and information control, along with a smaller office with limited space for storage. To help, we installed shelving above the desk and used existing items around the house for storage and organizing solutions. We also revamped the filing system… Continue Reading

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Home Office for Couple

This client runs a business out of her home for herself and her husband. She felt she couldn’t get anywhere with keeping the clutter in their home office under control. They had plenty of space but not enough tools to keep it organized. With the help of Organize My Clutter, she is thrilled that her… Continue Reading

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Home Office for Busy Mom

This family has a very busy mom. She works from both in and outside the home and she teaches home school. She and her husband have their own children in addition to foster parenting. Her home office is a combination of all her work and home responsibilities. After purging all the unnecessary items, we were… Continue Reading

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Our Adventure With Extreme Makeover Home Edition

We began our work at the Salt & Light Goodwill Ministry location in Champaign, IL. Salt & Light is an organization that is ran by Nathan Montgomery, the homeowner of the made over home in Philo, IL. Below are pictures from before and after our time there, although rumor has it more work was done… Continue Reading

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Kitchen Organization for Elderly Couple

This kitchen belongs to an elderly couple. The wife’s medical issues including hip replacement and various leg pains has led to difficulty reaching items in lower cabinets. We installed pull-out shelving systems to ease the access to heavier items, and after purging items that hadn’t been used in years, the lighter items became much easier… Continue Reading

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