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Our Adventure With Extreme Makeover Home Edition

We began our work at the Salt & Light Goodwill Ministry location in Champaign, IL. Salt & Light is an organization that is ran by Nathan Montgomery, the homeowner of the made over home in Philo, IL. Below are pictures from before and after our time there, although rumor has it more work was done even after we were gone. We’ll have to wait for the show’s airing to see the final results . . .



Three days later, we helped in the family’s new home in Philo, IL. We put away clothing and organized their new closets. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the home during our time there. But the next day, we were able to watch the family come home and see their reaction after the crowds yelled “Move That Bus!” The following pictures are from that day

Our day and our adventure came to an end when Ty later follows the family in the home to give them their tour.

It was certainly an experience with a worthy cause, and something truly remarkable to be a part of.

We were thrilled to be a part of the project, and more than happy to have given our time to help the Montgomery’s overcome their hardships.

extreme makeover home edition
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