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Schedule a 6 hour de-cluttering or organizing session between now and Friday, March 31st, and receive our limited time discount offer!!!

Call now or anytime before March 20th - The First Day of Spring - to schedule your appointment! 

Imagine the relief from investing in an organized space that will last for years to come.  

Kitchens, closets, garages, basements, attics, and any other disorganized space you've been struggling with for years can finally be crossed off your to-do list.

Pre-Spring Discount Options:

Get 1 organizer for 6 hours at $297 

Get 2 organizers for 6 hours at $486 

Remember, this is a limited time offer, so call before all our appointments fill up!


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We serve clients in CENTRAL ILLINOIS, 
including Decatur, Forsyth, Champaign, Urbana,
Bloomington, Normal, Springfield, and beyond. 

To find an organizer outside of our area,
scroll to the bottom of any page where you will see links from
different Organizations in the Professional Organizing Industry.


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 We've all said it:                                                                         
    "Someday, I've GOT to get Organized!"
                   Isn't it time to Invest in Yourself, and . . .
            Make "SOMEDAY" Today!

*All Before and After Photos are from actual Organize My Clutter projects with client permission.

Organize this Basement Family Room

Into this Basement Family Room


Are you BURIED in CLUTTER, UNFINISHED PROJECTS, and YEARS of ACCUMULATION and wish for a more organized life?

Are you OVERWHELMED, FRUSTRATED, and don't know WHERE TO START, and always asking, "How do you get organized?" 

Have you repeatedly said, "Help me declutter" to friends, family, and loved ones, only to find frequent delays and broken promises?

If you're feeling DISORGANIZED and HELP-LESS, be comforted by knowing you are not alone.

You need more than ORGANIZATIONAL TIPS.


You need AN EXTRA HAND! 

Sometimes, life just takes over.  Life happens.  Major life transitions are a natural part of everyone's lives.  Marriage, kids, career change, relocation, renovations, downsizing, aging parents, and the loss of loved ones are things we should expect but often are unprepared for.  When these life transitions happen, priorities change, and some things need to be put on hold.  After the transition has passed, you may become aware of the clutter and disorganization which accumulated due to lack of time to maintain it.  This physical and emotional clutter can be daunting and often ignored because you simply don't know where to begin. You may look around your home and think, "I need to organize this," but overwhelm stops you in your tracks and still, life must go on.  So when life takes over and you feel you've lost control, know you are not alone, and we are here to help you gain an organized life once again.  The DeClutter Crew from Organize My Clutter will never judge you or your home.  We will work by your side to help you get through those clutter piles. Our organizing service includes the physical sorting, categorizing, and organizing, and we can help make arrangements to remove donations, recyclables, and trash.  We'll walk you through the tough decisions, keep you motivated and focused on your goal, and help catch up the back-log.

On the other hand, many people struggle with clutter and disorganization, in general.  It may have been triggered by a traumatic experience, or it may simply be something they have never been taught.  As Julie Morgenstern states in her book, Organizing from the Inside Out, "organizing is not something that is taught in school."  If you are not aware of basic organizing techniques, then organization is a constant struggle creating undue stress from not being able to find things or chronically paying bills late. If this is you, you are not alone and shouldn't feel ashamed.  Disorganization is very common and can be found in clean, neat homes, just as much as dirty, untidy homes.  We see it in doctors, lawyers, business owners, professors, leaders, and professionals of all types.  A Professional Organizing service will help you learn organizational tips and techniques that will benefit you for a lifetime. We will reorganize your things, your paper, your time, and your life. We will walk you through the process of setting up systems at your pace, and we'll be your support system to help keep you on track.

Our team is changing lives. 

Are you ready to regain control and change yours?

Becky Rogers,CPOŽ, Owner of Organize My Clutter since January, 2008

     Hi, I'm Becky Rogers, and I am one of only 13* Certified Professional Organizers in the State of Illinois. There are fewer than 350* CPO's in the United States. I stress this only to assure you that the Professional Organizing Industry is much more than a bunch of "neat freaks" and "organizing junkies" with a major case of OCD. 
     Each member of my team is a "Clutter Coordinator" who won't judge you, your home, or your clutter. We provide a professional organizing service while offering organizational tips and skills to benefit you for a lifetime.  We are your Coach, Motivator, Body Double, Extra Hands, Tutor, and Shoulder. Our main priority is to help you become a natural in organization by giving you systems that work best for you. I am blessed to be able to do what I love which is helping others simplify their lives. 
     I believe that becoming and staying organized is much more than just cleaning things up. My journey began in 2007 when I discovered the organizing industry actually existed after watching TV shows like Mission Organization, Clean Sweep, Neat, Clean House, Hoarders, and Hoarding-Buried Alive. I was hooked on them all for years. I became obsessed with learning every new organizing trick in the book, or in my case, in the mini-library of organizing books and magazine articles. I opened Organize My Clutter because I knew in my heart Professional Organizing is not so much about organizing as it is about helping people through a difficult situation. It may be a temporary or a long term situation, but either way, we are here to improve and change lives for the better. 
     I received my certification from The Board of Certified Professional Organizers by meeting certain standards, eligibility, and testing requirements. As a Golden Circle Member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) it is my duty to enhance your life by implementing systems and processes, and transferring organizational tips and skills on to you in a way that will benefit you well beyond our working relationship. As a subscriber of ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) I have the ability to obtain the resources for education, research, and strategies to benefit people who are challenged by either life long chronic disorganization, or by a hoarding disorder. Through continued education in each of these organizations I am able to keep Our DeClutter Crew trained and informed in order to help you meet your organizing goals to the best of our ability. Our DeClutter Crew will keep things moving while concentrating on the end result, planning and organizing in a way that will simplify your organized life for years to come.  
     Let us help you get a fresh start in your home or business office, your craft room, kitchen, storage room, and laundry room, your garage, closet, basement, .....or anywhere you don't know where to begin. With our professional organizing services you will learn necessary organizational tips and how to:
Organize home files
Organize home offices
Organize home closets
Organize home kitchens
Organize home basements
And how to organize home storage areas of all kinds.
How do you get organized?
Make the call.
Make "SOMEDAY" Today!

*CPO count as of Jan. 2015 

Certified Professional Organizer since 2013
NAPO Golden Circle Member since 2013
Fully Insured,
Professionally Trained,
Experienced, and
ICD Member since 2012
NAPO Member since 2008

A Disorganized Basement

"Help Me Declutter"

Organized Basement

Master Closet

Organize this Inherited Home Basement

Into this Inherited Home Basement

                      BEFORE  AFTER


Organize this Basement Storage to Creative Space

Into this Basement Storage to Creative Space

A Garage Dumping Ground

A Garage with room for a car!

 ... Help Me Declutter ... 
Each professional organizing service is customized to your specific needs.
Please see the Services tab for prices, fees, and more detailed information.
         Consultation Service to evaluate and recommend solutions to your organizing struggles.
       Purge Pal Support will jump-start your way toward an organized life.
      Full Organizing Service for purging and organizing from start to finish.
       Coaching Sessions for on-going clutter control and specific projects that may take several sessions to complete.
 Group Speaking is available for clubs and organizations of all kinds.

Please see the Specials tab for more information.
Movers' Special - A service to help you before or after moving into a new home.
       Honeymooners' Special - A great way to combine two lives or households into one.
       DeClutter Special - A service to get help down-sizing or letting go of clutter that has accumulated over several years.
       Heritage Special - A great way to help guide you through the difficulties of managing inherited items due to the loss of loved ones.  

Gift Certificates are a great gift for someone who has everything except TIME.  They also make excellent house-warming and wedding gifts.  (See more gift ideas under Services tab.)

Attic Before
Attic Storage Before
Attic Storage After
Attic Storage After

Organize this Home Office

Into this Home Office

We are fully insured and will gladly travel within a 60-mile radius of Clinton, Illinois, which easily includes Decatur/Forsyth, Champaign/Urbana, Bloomington/Normal, Springfield, and beyond.

                    How do you get organized?

(217) 519-1919
*PLEASE be sure to leave your name and number, as I may be with another client. Thank You!

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